Product Info & Care

  • Each piece is handcrafted by Patricia Madeja in her studio which could result in slight variations.
  • All gemstones and pearls are genuine with naturally occurring variations.

Caring for Sterling Silver, Pearls and Quartz

  • Each sterling silver piece is shipped in a tarnish resistant plastic bag or pouch. It is highly recommended that you continue to store your sterling silver piece in the tarnish resistant plastic bags. Some pieces may be wrapped in acid free tissue paper which also inhibits tarnishing.
  • Never store sterling silver, unprotected, in cardboard boxes. The acid leaching form the paper will quickly tarnish the metal.
  • Should it become necessary to use a chemical dip to remove tarnish from chain designs, dip quickly and rinse immediately. Rub outer surfaces with a polishing cloth to restore shine. NEVER DIP PEARLS.
  • Clean fingerprints from quartz with mild soap and water. NEVER USE AN ABRASIVE CLEANER or CLOTH. Dry with a soft cloth and avoid paper towels.
  • Should time and wear require a professional cleaning, pieces can be shipped back to the studio for restoration. Contact to make the arrangements. Or consider having a trusted jeweler professionally clean the piece for you.
  • Email questions or concerns to